The problem of being an average person is that you miss out on a lot of things due to financial constraints. You can save up and get a taste of one flavor and it will take a long time for you to save up for something else. If you are anything like me, you hate it when finances get in the way of new experiences and you desperately look for alternate but efficient ways of getting the same experience in a manner that does not take the fun and experience out of the said adventure or activity.

Massages are something similar to me. I once had enough saved to try something new and someone recommended me to try a massage. I was intrigued by the idea and set off to get one then. I liked it very much since I had a back injury some years ago that I can still feel from time to time. It was an expensive experience but nonetheless I was determined to be able to get something like this on a frequent basis without making a dent in my wallet. Then I found out about massage chairs and tried one. I immediately fell in love with them and now I will tell you why a massage chair is better than a real massage.

Complete and total convenience

There is no barrier as to when you can get a massage. Perhaps you are working on a busy day and get home late but your back is giving you a hard time. You can instantly start the massage when you want to without having to book an appointment or pay anything for it. This feeling is absolutely wonderful. There have been days where I could not feel more grateful about buying my massage chair since it provided me with such convenience.

One payment for infinite massages

So a massage might seem expensive for one visit and if you look at the price of a massage chair and NOT think that it gives you an infinite amount of massages then you are not looking at it correctly. Even if you get an entry level chair for around $1500, you can break even for normal physical massages in less than a month depending on where you go. This is an investment that can never disappoint you in how much you save from it. The reason I like this is because the response you get from a best massage chair for the money is pretty similar to a real massage.

Same quality experience every time

The good thing about machines is that there is a certain expectation that they will always meet unlike humans. There could be a day where your normal human massager is not having the best time of their lives and might give a less than worthy massage or they might just not be able to locate your sweet spot that day. A massage chair will never let you down in this manner as it will always perform the same for settings you set it on. Every day, the same settings will always give you the same results.